Jan 22 2012

Pastor Judes Prædiken til den 3. alm. søndag i året 2012

Helligåndskirken Frederikshavn

Pastor Judes prædiken til den 3. søndag  er nu lagt ud på linket: Søndags Prædiken. Han opforder os alle til at genoverveje vore rolle i familien og ude i samfundet. Er vi lige så hårdt arbejdende som de fiskere Jesus selv valgte? Vil Jesus vælge os? Det kan være et ubehageligt spørgsmål at tænke over i den kommende uge.

English Version

Father Jude’s Sermon For The 3rd. Sunday 2012

On The text From St. Mark ch. 1, v. 14 – 20

Which man do we trust most?

The surgeon who has a fine title but, because he is a busy man, makes many mistakes in his operations?

The refuse man who, although he has no fine education, ensures that the city is clean before we wake up every morning?

Well, I certainly know whom I trust most but it is hardly a similar choice Jesus had to make in the text we’ve heard today.

He lived in a society filled with experts and well educated people who could have followed him and with their texts made the bible 8 times thicker than the one we have today. Therefore it can be somewhat of a mystery for us to understand why Jesus chose quite different types as his disciples: Fishermen. Could they at all spell, write or understand mathematics?

Their abilities were quite different and that was precisely what Jesus had use for. He didn’t what people whose main aim was to compete with each other in intelligence and abilities but faithful ones who would follow him. Hard-working people who weren’t interested in betraying him or suddenly changing their minds and follow up their own plans. This sort of people Jesus found among fishermen.

That Jesus looked for exactly these men among fishermen who should stay closest to him gives us all hope. It gives us hope when we, as foreigners, don’t quite master Danish so well, or we, as Danes, don’t always achieve the career possibilities about which we have dreamt. Without doubt the world judges us because of these failings but in the eyes of God it looks different. In God’s eyes no title is better than others. In God’s eyes only willingness has a meaning.

So we can ask ourselves today – what sort of will do we meet in our lives here on earth? Do we work hard as fishermen? Do we work because we see that it is our duty and that others are dependant on the fact that we do our work well? Or is it different with us? Do we work because it’s absolutely necessary? Do we hide and give the others the blame? Or do we accept the blame but have no intention of improving ourselves?

Do we neglect our families? Ourselves and the brothers and sisters around us? Are our titles of no value? Then our titles as father, mother, doctor or refuse man are quite without meaning and just words on a piece of paper. No matter how much we pray and kneel here in church, Jesus wouldn’t even consider calling us. He can already see how we act among others, so why should our human failings be a burden for him?

If, on the other hand, we work hard like the fishermen, understand our duties in our society and show love and respect for our families which Jesus has taught us then our possibilities for the future look quite different. We become an asset for him and he will see it as a plus in this world. He will see, no matter what we are called; whether it be parent, spouse or something else, that we will carry out our work with great willingness. We are hard-working and he will call us his disciples.

Go out today with renewed willingness to work hard, because then you will be called all through your lives: Called to study, called to be a mother, father or grandparents, called to go through life with improvement and hope. Listen to your call and follow it every day just like the fishermen who, every day, went out onto the seas and always   returned with fish.




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