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Vort sogns historie – et kort uddrag

Helligåndskirken Frederikshavn

Sct. Mariæ – et sogn gennem 100 år

I 1898 indbød biskop Von  Euch de to  kamillianerpatere, Pater Vido og Pater  Tembories, til at virke i Danmark.

Man ledte efter et egnet sted at starte et sogn. Det fandt man i Aalborg. Her slog de sig ned.

Den 19. April oprettedes  Sct. Mariæ sogn i en villa på Kastetvej.

I 1926 stod den nye Kirke færdig og  Sct. Mariæ Kirke blev indviet den 19. december samme år.

I 1966 den 16. december blev Helligåndskirken i Frederikshavn indviet af biskop Hans L. Martensen.

I 1971 overtog menigheden  i Thisted en kirke af Den Katolsk-Apostolske menighed for det symbolske beløb af 1 krone og den 28. marts, samme år, indviedes den til Skt. Thøgers ære af biskop Hans L. Martensen.

I 1984 døde Pater Strebin, han blev den sidste  kamillianer  i Danmark.

Oblatfædrene,  Oblati  Mariæ  Immaculatæ (OMI), kom til Sct. Mariæ Sogn, og Pater Leo Kertz bliver sognepræst.

I 1990 blev der bygget et nyt katolsk kirkecenter i Hjørring, som indviedes til Skt. Maria, Martyrernes Dronning.

I 1999, den 19. marts, indviedes den renoverede og ombyggede Kamillianerklinik som et selvejende hospice og hedder nu KamillianerGaarden.

Den1. og 2. maj 1998 fejrede menigheden ved  Sct. Mariæ Sogn 100 års jubilæum.

Den 3. september 1999 fejrede  Sct. Mariæ Skole 100 års jubilæum.

A Short History of our Parish

St. Mary’s – a parish during the last 100 years

In 1898 Bishop Von Euch invited two fathers from the order of St. Camillius; Father Vido and Father Tembories to begin pastoral work in Denmark. They searched for a suitable place to start a parish and decided that Aalborg was the right place and here they settled. The 19th. April the same year the parish of St. Mary’s was established in a large villa on Kastetvej (a street in Aalborg).

In 1926 a newly built church was ready and consecrated to St. Mary the 19th. December the same year.

In 1966 our own church in Frederikshavn was consecrated by Bishop Hans L. Martensen.

In 1971 the congregation in Thisted (a parish close to the west coast of northern Denmark) took over a church from the defunct congregation of The Apostolic Catholic Church of Denmark for the symbolic price of 1 Danish crown and on the 29th. March of the same year it was consecrated by Bishop Hans L. Martensen to St. Thøger (a local medieval saint)

In 1984 our last priest of the Order of St. Camillus died thus ending the pastoral work of this order in Denmark. The order had been active in northern Denmark for almost 100 years.

The Oblate Fathers (Oblati Mariæ Immaculatæ), popularly known as ‘ Omi’s came to the parish with Father Leo Kertz as the first parish priest. Two years ago the last ‘Omi’ left thus giving Father Jude the chance to be our present parish priest.

In 1990 a new Catholic Church Centre was built in Hjørring and consecrated to St. Mary, Queen of Martyrs. This church has a particularly large congregation of Vietnamese and the church’s name honours their martyrs during the persecutions they suffered in Viet Nam during the last two centuries.

The 1st. and 2nd. May 1998 was a red letter day for the parish since it could celebrate its centenary and finally the 3rd. September the following year the Catholic School of St. Mary’s could also celebrate its centenary.

The Camillians were not forgotten when on the 19th. March 1999 their hospital was renovated and enlarged into a hospice for the dying. It has beds for 12 patients and was one of the first in Denmark. The hospice is privately owned.

The Parish of St. Mary’s is geographically the largest parish in Denmark; roughly 120 kms. north to south and approx. 50 kms. east to west. The congregation is about 2,500 and consists of around 37 different nationalities – a truly catholic church! Of the 4 churches, 3 of them are outside Aalborg but St. Mary’s in Aalborg is the parish church. Our two priests live here but travel a lot to celebrate mass etc. in the 3 other churches.

As you can see the parish has been in constant growth particularly during the last 40 years and we all wish it to continue as a healthy and very lively parish.

NB The names etc. underneath are useful contact persons who fulfil certain layman roles in the running of the church and therefore are not translated.

PS!  A click on the link ‘Galleri’ contains many pictures of the church and us. It is updated on a regular basis

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